Finding a High Impact Player (HIP) is the bonus you may receive from using the High Impact Player Assessment®. HIPs are the people who "get it" on the job and can

These individuals are 3 to 4 times more productive than their peers and have the capacity to move in many organizational directions and be productive in many arenas. The presence of a person with HIP qualities increases the productivity of other team members and makes a direct impact on the bottom line.

Susan R. Meiseinger,
Retired President and CEO of SHRM 

​​​​The hiring process is broken. In most organizations the process is time consuming, costly and doesn’t predict job performance. The problem is made more difficult by the:
  • Decreasing pool of qualified candidates; the complexity of knowledge jobs has resulted in fewer applicants with the capacity for success.
  • Inaccuracy of resumes; resumes only record what a person has been allowed to do.
  • Ineffective interviews; subjective interviews incorrectly reduce the candidate pool through "like me" bias.
  • Fear of hiring the wrong candidate; fear often leads to the elimination of qualified candidates.

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“In a knowledge-based economy, a talented workforce with communication and critical thinking skills is necessary for organizations and the United States to be successful.”

High Impact Player:an active participant that makes a strong and immediate effect on the organization through the efficient and effective fulfillment of their role. They are perceived as a
valuable organizational asset.

​​​​​​Adage Solutions provides an objective yardstick that can determine whether a candidate "has the right stuff" for the complex, knowledge-based environment. Using an online assessment – the HIP Assessment - - qualified candidates can be quickly and economically identified based on job requirements.

The HIP Assessment objectively measures a candidates' :

  • Ability to do a specific job (BOQ)
  • Desire to do the job
  • Likelihood of staying on the job

Using  a capacity-based hiring process; an organization can objectively predict job performance, thus finding the right candidates and realizing competitive advantage.

The Solution:

HIP Assessment

The Problem:

Ineffective Hiring Process


The Bonus:

A High Impact Player