The candidate's practical application of cognitive ability is demonstrated through exercises requiring reading comprehension and four components of critical thinking. The assessment measures the applicant's capacity to use their cognitive ability in a logical and disciplined way. The assessment is easy and convenient to administer making it a practical solution for predicting sustainable job performance.

Besides being a practical tool, the HIP Assessment ensures that a candidate has sufficient cognitive ability to excel in a specific job. Besides cognitive capacity, the assessment measures several personal attributes, which predict the candidate's capacity to apply their cognitive ability on the job. Cognitive horsepower may be ineffective without attributes such as self-directness, empathy, and perseverance. The HIP Assessment identifies a pool of candidates with both the practical capacity and drive to do the job.

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Cognitive ability is the most effective predictor of job performance in complex jobs. The goal is to identify useable cognitive ability in a cost effective way. Most cognitive ability tests such as IQ, Raven Matrix and Miller Analogies; measure cognitive potential and require proctoring making them helpful, but not practical.

The HIP Assessment is a web-based tool that goes beyond potential and measures cognitive capacity to do the job.

Finally, there is an assessment that identifies knowledge workers in the complex knowledge economy. The High Impact Player Assessment ® is a one of a kind yardstick, which predicts an applicant's ability to perform in a complex, knowledge job. It combines a series of validated instruments into a single assessment that measures cognitive capacity, along with personal attributes required for success.

The High Impact Player Assessment®