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Recommended Hiring Process

As the complexity of a job increases, the criticality of the position to the overall success of the organization also increases. The good news is, as the job complexity increases, the accuracy of the capacity-based hiring process also increases.

The first two criteria are easily measured through the use of the HIP Assessment (an on-line assessment tool) and detailed job requirements. The last criterion 

The process uses 3 primary evaluation criteria:

  • Cognitive Capacity: Do they have the cognitive horsepower to do the job?
  • Motivation & Fit: Are they willing to do the job?
  • Experience & Skill: Do they know how to do the job?

Adage recommends a capacity-based hiring process that minimizes subjectivity, is predictive of future performance, and adds consistency to the hiring process. This hiring process is a paradigm shift from the old perception-based model used by most organizations. The capacity-based process centers on the HIP Assessment, which measures the candidate's capacity to perform in a complex environment. The assessment combined with changes to the hiring process; make the capacity-based process up to 85% predictive of performance in a complex knowledge job. The assessment reduces hiring errors, by quickly and objectively filtering the applicant pool to a pool of qualified candidates.

is uncovered through structured interviews, background checks, and reference checks. This last (and more subjective) criterion is applied to a pool of qualified candidates, eliminating "bad" hires and minimizing loss opportunities.