The High Impact Player designation is determined through predetermined cut off scores. The applicant pool is tested to identify the applicants that meet this higher standard. In the recessionary environment, there is a likelihood these highly qualified and rare individuals will submit a resume, but be missed or underappreciated in a subjective, perception-based screening process. When identifying a HIP, an organization is justified in finding or making a position.

Team Evaluation and Coaching

How to Use The HIP Assessment®

The High Impact Player Assessment® can be used in three ways:

In the knowledge economy there is an elite group of candidates who have the capacity to "get it" in many diverse and complex situation. The assessment was originally designed to identify those individuals we call High Impact Players (HIPs) - these individuals are active participants who make a strong and immediate effect on the organization through the efficient and effective fulfillment of their role. These individuals, always find success, work effectively in unfamiliar situations, and perform across functional areas.

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High Impact Player Screening

Specific Job Screening

When evaluating current organizational performance, it is apparent when an organization is not meeting their objectives, but it is difficult to determine why. The assessment can determine whether existing team members have the prerequisite capacity to be successful in their current or future positions.

If a team member does not score the minimum required for the position, a developmental or coaching plan can be created to assist them in developing sufficient abilities. Courses in reading or critical thinking can increase an employee's capacity and result in a win/win for the individual and the organization.

The assessment is frequently used to measure the specific level of cognitive capacity and personal attributes required for a specific job. Cut off scores are established for the position based on a detailed analysis of the job.

Applicants scoring above the established cut off score are considered qualified for the position and are presented to hiring authorities for evaluation and the final decision.