The capacity-based hiring process establishes predictive criteria to objectively screen and select candidates. By structuring the hiring process and basing selection on capacity versus perception, the organization realizes significant benefits. These benefits include:

  • Reduces training and on boarding costs; hired candidates are capable and motivated reducing training requirements.
  • Improves productivity; new hires are quickly productive on the job, because they have the capacity for sustainable success.

The Benefits of Capacity-based Hiring

  • Reduces hiring errors; fewer wrong candidates are hired and fewer of the right candidates get away.
  • Reduces legal risk; the objectivity and consistency of the process makes hiring decisions legally defensible.
  • Reduces business impact; less hiring authority time is required because unqualified candidates are screened before the hiring authority conducts time-consuming interviews.
  • Reduces turnover; qualifications, willingness, and expectations are defined and measured, resulting in fewer missed expectations.
  • Increased diversity; a larger number of diverse candidates are retained in the process by measuring capacity and reducing "like me" bias

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