The Benefits

The High Impact Player AssessmentĀ® has several key benefits:

  • It reduces or eliminates hiring errors: The assessment eliminates those "look good" candidates who cannot do the job; and eliminates the exclusion of valid candidates because they do not fit subjective perceptions.
  • It reduces turnover: By reducing hiring errors, the assessment eliminates the need to terminate bad hires and eliminates turnover among existing employees who have to deal with the bad hires.

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  • It respects the hiring authority's time: Instead of wasting time culling a pool of applicants, the hiring authority only interviews qualified candidates and chooses the candidate that best meets his needs.
  • It is legally defensible: The assessment is defendable, because it provides an objective yardstick derived from the job qualifications.
  • It is quick and cost effective: The assessment is web-based, takes approximately an hour of an applicant's time, and provides feedback to the hiring authority on the applicant's ability to do the job.

The HIP Assessment provides an efficient, effective, and objective yardstick for identifying the best candidates.