Kathy Pearson, MBA is an IT professional,  consultant, software executive and co-founder of Adage Solutions.  She has over 30 years of experience working with Fortune 100 companies to improve their business processes and technology. She is a graduate of the William S. Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University and has held management positions in organizations such as Ernst & Young, IBM, Oracle, AT Kearney, BHP Billiton, and 2 start-ups.

Kathy has long looked for a yardstick that will assist in hiring the right people for the organizations she managed and her clients. To this end, she assisted in the development of an assessment - The HIP Assessment® that objectively measures job applicant's cognitive abilities and those less tangible success attributes that allow people to be successful. Having created high performance teams without the benefits of a yardstick - she was eager to find a tool that organizations can use to identify high performance individuals.

Kathy's expertise focuses on building and managing high performance teams to deliver results. Her passion is the ability to take a diverse group of people and assist them in becoming a high performance team. In the complex world, identifying high performance team members that may not fit the societal stereo types is critical for organizations to excel in the ever-complex environment of work.

For many years, Kathy has guided companies in how to apply technology to deal with complexity and simplify work to fit the needs and abilities of the work force. She is currently working with organizations to use high performing individuals to pull the entire organization up and to use the technology and knowledge that is readily available.

Kathy's current research and work centers on how to build teams using high functioning and self-directed individuals to make a difference in the business world. 

Mike Pearson, MS is a cognitive behavioral scientist, consultant, counselor, and speaker with over 35 years of experience in the human resource arena. He is a graduate of Tulsa University and the University of Houston - Clear Lake, with doctorial studies at the University Of Texas Health Science Center - Houston. He is the co- founder of Adage Solutions, an HR consulting and assessment company.

Mike is the developer of the HIP Assessment,  which is the first time a pre-employment assessment has incorporated the research of Hunter and Schmidt on cognitive ability with the research of experts such as Bandura and Rotter who predict personal success attributes. The assessment and supporting processes increase the ability for an organization to predict the future performance of job applicants.

Mike's HR experience is in diverse areas including corporate consulting, individual counseling and working as an HR representative. His entrepreneurial pursuits include corporate consulting in outplacement, turnover analysis, HR outsourcing, employee assistance programs, and corporate recruiting. He has worked with individuals in career counseling, including conducting workshops and role-playing for seniors at the University of Houston - Clear Lake and drug and alcohol treatment. His HR representative experience is expansive including job analysis and compensation, tests and measures (including a national validation study), multi-state college recruiting, and management assessment centers. The HR representative experience was in a union environment with a pro-active diversity program.

Mike's research and work centers on looking at organizational behavior and assisting organizations to utilize high performance individuals. His research supports the ability to predict job performance through simple but methodical hiring practices that eliminates unintended bias.

"Adage Solutions has allowed me to develop what I consider the "magic bullet" for effectively hiring people into complex jobs. It provides a predictive means for a hiring authority to find a High Impact Player."

"Adage Solutions is my opportunity to help organizations build high performance teams by objectively identifying individuals who demonstrate the ability to excel in the current complex knowledge economy."


Mike Pearson

Kathy Pearson

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