For decades we have been talking about a knowledge economy - an economy based more on intellectual capital and thought than building widgets. The knowledge economy is here and the United States is quickly becoming the knowledge broker for the world. While innovation, design, and management are housed in the US, much of the manufacturing and more routine activities are done in developing countries. This focus on knowledge and global collaboration has resulted in US jobs becoming increasingly complex.

In a complex environment, it takes more than on-the-job training, defined business processes, or an education to be effective and successful. No longer can an

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employee wait for the boss to tell them what to do or rely on rote process definitions that can't accommodate complex variables or a rapidly changing environment. No longer will success in one position or company guarantee success in the next. To be successful, an employee or manager needs to have significant cognitive abilities along with success attributes that drive them to

Today's Challenge


As job complexity increases, there are less people with the capacity - intellectual and motivational - to produce in this environment. The processes and expectations for hiring must change if an organization is going to meet this new challenge. Organizations that acknowledge this reality and quickly meet the challenge will be the leaders in the coming decades. Hiring people with the capacity to meet this challenge provides a significant competitive advantage.